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Friday, November 21, 2008

Road Apples, #3

Just a few random thoughts running through my head at the moment:

YESTERDAY was a long day. I had to facilitate a class yesterday in Woodbridge on the subject of Career Planning, which translated into 5+ hours on the road (where you have to really be "on" all the time...we are talking NJ roads here), 45 minutes of a meeting and about an hour and a half of actual class time (where I really, really had to be "on"). There's nothing like 60 people staring at you, waiting for something informative and/or inspirational to somehow come from your lips to their ears. Anyway, the class seemed to go well, as I had a lot of nodding heads, more than a few questions/comments, lots of people staying afterwards to chat and, I think, a satisfied executive sponsor. I don't normally do a lot of what you could call "soft skills" classes, so this was a nice change of pace.

IT'S TOO DAMN COLD OUT for November. Twenty one degrees outside this morning. I want my Global Warming, and I want it now!

IN THE HANDOUT DEPARTMENT we now have Boscov's department store. Story link here. I have very mixed feeling about this, but I need time to noodle the whole thing over some more. What bothers me somewhat is that the chain started to get into trouble, I think, when it bought-out Mr Boscov a few years ago and then decided to over-expand. Generally speaking, bankruptcy doesn't always result in a happy ending for department store chains.

I HAVE MONDDAY OFF and I'm actually kind of thrilled. It's been a long, long week. I didn't get to workout much this week, and I think I'm feeling the effects. Work was also trying, as they are a lot of pressing issues involved in a big projet I work on. Generally speaking, I can handle techincial issues on projects fairly well; what saps me of energy is when I have to deal with all the organizational bullcrap that goes with them (territories being defended, people arguing about resources, etc.). It's all so Dilbert-esque.

DID I MENTION that it's cold outside? Just started the car, and it feels like February.

I HAVE A RECLINER in my office that I am torn over. Specifically, I want to get rid of it, but my cats just love to sit on the top of it. What's a guy to do? I can't use the recliner as an actual chair anymore, becasue said cats have deposited so much fur on it that you can't even be near it without getting a coating on yourself. It also takes up too much space (and isn't in keeping my my plans for the office next year). Decisions, decisions.

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