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Monday, July 13, 2015

The WORST Thing About Donald Trump

It's not the hair.

It's not the declaring bankruptcy four times (True:  you can read it here in the bastion of the liberal media, Forbes).

It's not his strong support for traditional family values throughout his three marriages.  Now in fairness I have been married twice, but then again I'm not running for president nor do you hear me crow about "traditional family values" either.

It's not his media claims about Mexicans being rapists.

It's not his strong support for American workers via having his clothing line made in China, Mexico by non-rapists and Bangladesh (reference HERE).

It's not the money he has made via degenerate gamblers.

Heck, again, it's not even the hair.

(from the Daily Mail)

No, I think the very worst thing about Donald Trump is the very notion he brings to the national debate that equates money to happiness and success.  I don't know how happy of a man Donald Trump is, and based on the fuzzy accounting of his finances and his multiple bankruptcy declarations I'm not even sure how financially successful he has been.  I do know this though:  He's a braggart when it comes to being a "billionaire".

I've had times in my life where I was actually buying dress shirts at the Salvation Army because I couldn't afford anything else.  I have also had times when financially I felt like I could take a deep breath and not worry about paying my bills.  Yes, money can buy you some sense of security, but it can't buy happiness and it's a poor measure of success.

Think of all those lottery winners who end up having lives in shreds (one of many examples HERE).

Think of people who have made the biggest differences in your life and for the world.  Were some wealthy?  Maybe.  You could argue that a Bill Gates, for example, has made a difference...but that difference now is manifest in the work of his foundation, where he gives his money away.  However I think that it's the actions people take from the kindness of their hearts, through their giving, that makes a difference in and for the world.  It's every great teacher and coach.  It's the people who serve the poor and helpless.  It's the people that comfort those in need.  These people are truly successful. 

I can't think of a single presidential candidate from either major political party that I'd vote for, but I do know this:  Donald Trump's bullying and bragging makes me sick.  Humility...that's the one thing Donald Trump can't brag about. 

Donald Trump is, in a very real sense, the very ugliest of Americans.

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