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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Holiday Road - Days 2 & 3, Quebec City

The chronicles of my first trip outside the United States, even if it is just to Canada.

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(Our hotel:  Outside & In)

10 Observations about Quebec City:
  1. Sour Cream...It's literally whiter than sour cream here.  Seriously, it is the most Caucasian place I think I have ever been.  With the possible exception of West Pittston.  I'm wondering why the Klan doesn't relocate up here.  Maybe they just don't like snow.  Or people who speak French.
  2. The Food...Day 2 I had a hamburger for dinner, but in my defense it was at a nice restaurant.  I suspect they kept it on the menu for people such as myself who refuse to eat cirrhosis of geese liver.  Day 3 I had a pasta dish at a great Italian restaurant (go figure...) for dinner.  That same restaurant had, no lie, the best strawberries I have ever had in my entire life.  Ever.  Whole life.  I swear.
  3. Subway vs Tim Horton's...Ms Rivers and I can't figure out what there are more of in Canada...Subway or Tim Horton's.  There is a Subway right next to the hotel we are staying at.  In fact, I think 85% of Canada's population lives within walking distance of a Subway.  By the way, I kinda figured the Timmy Horton deal in advance.  Speaking of Subway, that's a rough patch of news about Jared
  4. The People...The service in Quebec City is, without much exception, some of the best I have ever encountered in my whole life.  Very nice people, and they pretty much all speak English better than most of the people I grew up with in Pennsylvania.
  5. French...Ms Rivers has an ear for languages, having grown up for her first couple of years speaking Spanish (her parents were on a mission to the Dominican Republic when she and her sister where younger, so she ended up literally speaking Spanish first).  This has helped, although it was rather funny when someone commented that she spoke a few French words with a Spanish accent.  Bonjour mon sewer rat!
  6. Walking...Walking, walking, walking, walking, walking, walking and walking.  And up hill, seemingly both ways.  I am going to have Lance Armstrong (sans the whole blood swapping deal) tendons when all is said and done.
  7. More Food...I forgot to mention that it seems like everything is home-made here.  I had home-made ketchup on my hamburger.  There was home-made jam for my toast this morning.  
  8. The Hotel...We are staying at a nice place.  It was a factory or similar building in years past and has been nicely converted into a hotel.  The bed slopes downward, towards our heads, but it isn't too bothersome, and so far I haven't choked on my own stomach contents while asleep.
  9. The City...What's interesting about Quebec City, as opposed to other vacation destinations, is that this place really is a working port.  It's almost as if the tourist thing is nice, but they have also kept their day jobs.
  10. Drivers...Driving is a combat sport in Quebec City.  Everything you've heard about how nice Canadians are is true...up until the time they get behind the wheel of a vehicle...then they turn into the worst that you'd see in Central New Jersey.
Merci beaucoup ya'll!

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