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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Road Apples, #112

Apollo 18...I went to see this last night, and I highly recommend it, but only if you really want to waste $17.50 and 90 minutes of your life.  If this is supposed to be a documentary, then how did the film get back to Earth?  This was prior to high-speed data streaming or even digital video.  I know, I shouldn't point out plot flaws in something that is supposed to be just entertainment, but still I was very disappointed.

Road Trip...The return trip to West Chester is this afternoon.  Here's to hoping that it is less dramatic than Friday's excursion.

Republicans...Isn't it time for another GOP debate?  I mean we have gone a whole three days...I think...since the last one.  On the positive side, my favorite Republican, former governor Gary Johnson, seemed to do well.  Speaking of Gary Johnson, he put out a great piece on the end of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell".  You can read it HERE.  From the statement:

“The idea that our professional service men and women could not serve effectively with gay colleagues has long been unfair, and just wrong.  Over the past several years, we have lost thousands of volunteer defenders of freedom to a policy that, on its face, ran counter to the American principles of equality and, yes, freedom.  It took far too long to get here, but this is a great day.”

Of course Gov. Johnson doesn't stand a chance in GOP primaries.  That's too bad, as instead the nomination will go to either a dullard (Perry) or a man that is so overproduced (Romney) that I half expect a line of Bob Mackie attired dancers to appear whenever he speaks.

Recently Ordered from Amazon...This DVD on the life of Harry Nilsson.

The "New" Facebook...Much has been written about changes to Facebook recently.  If you are not a "user" then I suspect that you probably think it's all just a bunch of hoo-haa.  As for me, the changes seem to violate a technology rule that Apple routinely gets right and Microsoft typically gets wrong...namely that making things more complex (even with the best of intentions) is seldom good for a users experience.  I'm not shilling for Apple here, and in fact I don't own a single Apple product.  I do, however, like the focus Apple puts on ease of use.  Speaking of technology...

Microsoft to Unveil Windows 8...Read HERE and in other places about the upcoming newest version of of Windows.  I'm somewhat skeptical of just how successful the launch will be and how it will impact the fortunes of Microsoft.  In my opinion the days of big, clunky operating systems that drive how you work are coming to an end.  Apple's success with the iPad is showing that smaller, lighter, quicker and more user-focused is where technology is headed.  Microsoft has another problem in that it will now have several different operating systems in use across the world, with many businesses still using a product...Windows XP (which is also the OS I use on my netbook)...that was first released in 2001.  A decade is an eternity in the world of technology.

The Scranton Times...ran what I would describe as a vicious editorial under the title of "She Can't Handle the Truth..." that pointedly attacked Scranton City Council President Janet Evans.  You can link to it HERE.  I actually don't disagree with much of what the editors noted about Ms Evans, but it pointedly avoided any real criticism of Scranton's Mayor Chris Doherty.  I like Chris Doherty, but his record of fiscal management isn't what one would describe as stellar.  When it comes to Scranton's government, it takes two to Tango (namely the City Council President and the Mayor).  Municipal union members will cry foul at the editorial and opponents of Ms Evans will no doubt cheer, in the end it will not be editorials that solve Scranton's financial problems.  What will?  Tough decisions.

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