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Monday, September 26, 2011

Lest we's the little things that count

There is a larger thought in all of this, but as I'm sitting here stalling on starting what is a very full day, I am reminded that in life it is the little things that count the most.  Here is a smattering of that for me...

Having children that aren't in jail, are not on drugs, and do work hard at their chosen endeavors.

Having healthy, clear lungs so that I can breathe in the Fall air and enjoy every molecule.

Having a good job that gives me some satisfaction and which pays my bills.

Having a pet who meets me at the door when I arrive & waits outside my bedroom when I wake.

Having good enough vision so that I can read a book, drive a car or post stupid ruminations on-line.

Having sufficient smarts that I can ask the questions, even if I don't always understand the answers.

Having an extended family that is supportive.

Last but certainly in a category all of it's own, having someone in my life who asks how I am doing, listens to me, respects me and genuinely enjoys spending time with me.

Yes, the days come with frustrations and there are reasons a-plenty for feeling down.  Points taken,  But you know what?  When all is said and done, every day that we can wake up and realize where we are is a day that we are given yet another chance to get it make a difference and get it right.

One final note:  almost by habit whenever someone causally asks how I am doing I respond "Not Bad".  How sad is that?  My response is basically that "hey, it could be worse".  Maybe that's the wrong frame of mind.  Maybe a more accurate response would be simply "Well", because in the totality of it all I am, in fact, "well".

Carpe diem folks.

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