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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Road Apples, #110

WILK...I've made a concerted effort to listen to WILK's morning news show a bit more of late.  One conclusion I've reached?  Well it was "Webster" that apparently wrote all the bits during the old Rock 107 Morning Show.  What's more, radio bits work a bit better if you have people that can alter their voices just a bit (i.e. Fred Norris).  Not so for Joe Thomas and Nancy Kman.  Personally I think it would be a gas if Webster did the entire show in his "Jonesy" character.  Come on Webster...give it a will be funny...I promise...

According to Rush Limbaugh...Democrats are always evil and Republicans are good.  It's true, he said so.  Rush is always Right.  Now all you Limbaugh fans out there repeat after me:  Bahhhhhhh, Bahhhhhhh.  Feel better now?

NEPArtisan Postings...I actually thought of something to post about, but now I have to find the time to actually do it.  That's the good news.  The bad news?  It will probably piss some folks off (or is that another good thing?  I am not sure), but that's okay.  For the record & speaking of NEPArtisan, I liked the "less than political" recent posting (see HERE).

Dick Cheney...Exactly how many biographies can this guy write?  Hasn't he already written, like, six of them already? For the record I don't really care that he sends his own fellow administration members down the river, but I do I think every time he opens his mouth President Bush ends up looking better by comparison.  God save me from being a bitter old man like this guy.

Water in the Washington Monument...Story link HERE.  Rush Limbaugh immediately blamed it on "the Socialist agenda of Barrack Hussein Obama".  By the way, I am resisting the urge to now slam a Democrat now...unless something specific strikes me...just for sake of being bi-partisan.  Yes, there many Democrats that I find wretched, but for some reason the Republicans are more fun to talk about at the moment.

Internet Big-Time...Well I finally got a reference in a NEPA Blogs posting.  There must be a minority quota for non-Wilkes Barre postings that needed to be filled.  You can see the reference HERE.

Andy Palumbo...wrote a great piece on the fact that my childhood parish, Holy Family, is being demolished.  It's kind of sad when the things that were part of your life as a younger person end up going away.  You can read the posting HERE.

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