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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Road Apples, #111

Remembering 9/11...I'm not going to drone on and on about the 9/11 anniversary, as smarter people than I will post about this anyway (such as THIS).  What's more, I think I've already written this topic to death.   What I will do is post the best musical tribute I've heard about 9/11, courtesy of Enrique Inglesias...

WTC Hero

Enough said.

In Other Disaster News...I was traveling about the "west shore" yesterday and was amazed just how far the Susquehanna river water traveled up West Pittston.  You could actually see the line of dried mud on the street and the tire tracks that plied through the mess as it was drying.  There was a also the slow but steady progress of neighbors cleaning out basements, with debris sitting neatly at curb-side, as if this was some kind of rehearsed drill come to fruition.  These are some resilient folks, that's for damn sure.  As for me, getting to the Cross Valley Expressway via Wyoming Avenue while in the dark took some effort, but I was able to figure it out.

Laundry King...Okay, I confess:  my washing machine is kaput and I really don't want to spend the money to get it replaced at the moment.  What to do?  Laundry King.  Yes, I am actually typing this at the Laundry King of Luzerne Street in West Scranton.  The "King" get props from me for being pretty damn clean and for having new equipment.  They also use this magnetic strip card setup that equals no hauling quarters around.  Another plus?  Simply outstanding WiFi.  It could be worse...far worse.

Most Lawyers...don't know an awful lot about pension plans.  Trust me.

Facebook....In other news of the slightly irritating sort, Facebook has made yet another in a series of "non-improvement" improvements recently.  This one has something to do with the news know, this is the part of Facebook where you get to hear about how bratty...or wonderful...your friends children actually are.  This is also where you get to see things like:

"Millions of Americans suffer from ingrown toenails! Ingrown toenails cause countless billions of hours of suffering.  Most people with ingrown toenails suffer in silence.  Please change this to your status for an hour if you care about people with ingrown toenails."

For the record, I never do change my status of Facebook for such things, although some of the causes really are worth supporting.  I'm just not that much of a follower I suppose.  Anyway, I liked the way the old news feeds worked, but now I have no clue how they work.

I Want...a over roasting pan, one that is covered and made of cast aluminum.  Can I find one?  Nope.  Found a few that are made of aluminum, but none that were cast aluminum.  Must keep looking...

iPad...I have been contemplating getting myself an iPad next year.  The benefits?  Well very portable, very cool and lots of productivity applications.  The drawbacks?  I am not a big Apple fan and in all honesty, much of what I would do on an iPad I can do on the netbook from which I type this very blog.  Man, I never thought of myself as being the kind of person who "fell" for a product.  Maybe Steve Jobs really is a genius.

Speaking of Technology...After over 22 years of avoiding it, my own mini-judgement day has occurred at work.  Yes, I am finally getting a company provided Blackberry.  Okay, in the spirit of complete honesty I asked for one, but that's simply because I really can't effectively keep up with the volume of work emails I get during normal business hours.

Feedback...Every once in a while I get feedback that blog header is unappealing and that the picture(s) were better.  Well...okay...never let it be said that I don't listen (eventually).

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