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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Discarded blog post ideas

For no particular reason, other than my own amusement, here are a few blog post ideas that I decided against using over the years.

Janet Evans:  City Council President or Sith Lord?

Fear and Loathing in Nannicoke

10 Reasons why Dunmore is bad for your health

If the Internet existed in 1980 I would never have left home

The University of Scranton:  Economic Engine or Hellmouth?

The Zen of the Laundry King

10 tips for a successful divorce

Playing fetch...with your cat

Illiterate F&%ks:  Why there are so few Scranton-based blogs

Soiled Jocks:  15 suggested occupations for former high school athletes

Democrats Kill Babies
(oh, sorry, that was actually a PA for Human Life blog posting...never mind)

Old Spice:  Whatever Happened to the Spice Girls?

Does Hillbilly Heroin abuse cause hearing loss?  The Limbaugh case study

A-Roid:  10 Things I'd like to ask to Alex Rodriguez*
(#1...does it really shrink your johnson?)
*All of the questions would be about 'roids & none about baseball

How to succeed in politics without paying your taxes
(oh, sorry, that was a Ken Smith blog posting...never mind)

Heyna Go?  Wilkes-Barre Geography

Sister Queer:  Recollections from attending Catholic high school

Big money in killing people...assassin or tobacco company executive?

Methane:  the latest craze in flavored water

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