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Monday, February 7, 2011

Super Bowel

Well for the first time in a long time I actually watched at least part of the Super Bowl.  Based on that, I learned the following:

  • Heinz the perfect name for a Pittsburgh Steeler.  Okay, I know his name is actually spelled Hines Ward, but still, how perfect is that?
  • Brett no longer the quarterback for the Packers.  Mind you I don't remember the name of the actual current quarterback, but I do know that it is NOT Brett Favre.  I also know that he played a good game.
  • Speaking of Quarterbacks...the QB for the Steelers, "Big Ben", should be re-nicknamed "Big Bum", as the dude just doesn't look like an athlete...he look like some guy who should be moving boxes in a warehouse.  In fact, he reminds me of THIS GUY from The Office.
  • The Peas...What precisely does "the Pea" named Taboo actually do?

On a more serious note, the game did prove the importance of defense in football.  So much for the glory of the quarterback or the wide-receiver; this game was one by a bunch of guys on the Defense who forced Pittsburgh turnovers that allowed the Packers to score.

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