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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Non-Post

Sometimes I sit here and think "gee, I'd like to write something", you know, getting that wisp of creative intent.  The problem is that intent and ability (what little I claim to have) are often times two different things.  Case in point:  this is the third time I've started something, with the two proceeding attempts sitting wherever deleted blogger posting go to die.  Maybe three is a charm.

Anyway, I have this mental list of things I actually want two write about.  The list includes such enthralling topics as...

...the role of government in society
...why Glenn Beck is nothing more than a washed up morning zoo DJ who traded top 40 hits for 40 hates
...assessing performance at work
...why I feel guilty (about almost everything)
...why Republicans are sometimes better at self-policing than Democrats

Hell, I even have a few articles laying around in support of this stuff.  But yet here I sit writing about why I'm not writing.  I even feel quasi-guilty about not writing (see above).  Oh well, I guess I can scratch "Huffington Post Columnist" off of my list of potential career choices.

It's been my experience that in life that the most important things are more mental than anything else.  That includes "the muse" as I like to laughingly call my desire to be creative in spurts.  Times like this it feels like I am chasing "the muse" and it is running at the same speed I am, just five feet ahead.  Mind you, other times I can readily grab "the muse" wrestle it down and choke it to death.  Maybe there is just too much crap running through my head at the moment.  Maybe I just need some mental dietary fiber, you know, to clean the old pipes out.

Well so much for the post about not posting.

I'm off to pack for a few days in Hartford.  Maybe I'll find "the muse" standing next to the XL Center.

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