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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I Get Spam

I suppose big-time bloggers like Tom B. get tons of this stuff, but it only happens to me every once in a while.  In celebration, I'd like to share...

Sean Ryan On Behalf Of CSNPromoTeam

 to me
show details Feb 1 (1 day ago)
Good Afternoon
My name is Sean and I work on the Promotions Team at CSN Stores. I came across your blog recently and wanted to reach out to you for a potential partnership. You may have seen CSN Stores around the blogosphere as we are currently running promotions with a variety of different sites and thought you might be interested in working with us!
With over 200 unique sites, ranging from to, we carry just about everything (including the kitchen sink...).
We would love to help you reward your US and Canadian readers with a CSN gift code giveaway. It's a great way to give back to your loyal followers as well as draw in new audiences! Plus your winner gets to pick exactly what they want from our inventory of over 2 million products! And if you think a review would be a better fit for you and your readers, we could certainly discuss that option as well.
Let me know if this sounds like something you would be interested in and we can discuss the details!
Thanks for your time,

For the record I would just as soon perform self dental surgery than provide this kind of "reward" to my "readers".  Sorry Sean.

Now I'm not anti-commerce.  Hell. unlike my ultra-conservative brother, I actually have worked all my life in the private sector.  My point is that anyone who wants to go shopping can go to Amazon, Meritline, Overstock or many other wonderful on-line commerce sites.  Come here?  Hell no.  I'd just as soon people come here to laugh at me...after all, I did pay the princely sum of $10 (or whatever it was) for this URL.

No way I'm sharing my flashlight-sized spotlight.


Unknown said...

I also got the SAME email today. i goggled Sean's name and found your post and laughed my A$$ off. Thanks for the post because I feel the same way!

Stephen Albert said...

Thank you Susan! I detest spam...