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Friday, February 25, 2011

Pete Wehner on Glenn Beck

From Commentary Magazine dot com.

The Most Disturbing Personality on Cable Television

This is a quick read, but oh so very true.  Glenn Beck is becoming border-line psychotic, ranting about the "global caliphate" and "Obama is the Anti-Christ" crap that used to be mostly the sole property of folks in the dark corners of the Internet (and parts of Montana).

My favorite quote:

"Others see the shadows on the wall; Beck alone sees the men casting them. The danger when one paints the world in such conspiratorial terms is that it devalues the rational side of politics. It encourages a cast of mind that looks to expose enemies rather than to engage in arguments"

Yes, there are loons on the left.  I don't, however, know of someone as loony as Beck who also has a nationally broadcast television show. 

Beck's only real saving grace?  Well I suppose he makes Limbaugh look rational, which is quite a task in and of itself.

My vote?  I think he just plays one on TV.  Remember, Beck is a former "Morning Zoo" DJ.

Yes Glenn, "everybody have fun tonight, everyone Wang Chung tonight".

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