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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Notes from the Road, #2

Just a few fleeting thoughts about having done some traveling lately.

Jean Luc's Revenge...Well my cat decided that he would exact some retribution as a result of my absences by basically keeping my up most of the night.  Then again maybe it was me just not being used to my "room mate".  Anyway, last night consisted of about maybe 3-4 hours of sleep, followed by almost constant bed jumping (him, not me) and crying (him, not me).  Good thing I don't like it (sleep that is).  Of course Jean Luc was more than happy to fall asleep in my lap this morning as I was reading the news on-line.  And who says that cats lack a personality?

Speaking of Jean Luc...Here is the tally: litter everywhere shredded roll of paper of towel
...mail scattered to the four winds of my front room
All told, not too bad.

What's Worse Than Getting Up at 4:45am to Catch a Flight?...That would be getting home at 12:pm and then going back into the office for a few hours worth of work.  I'd say that I earned my pay this past week.

Hotel Julien...I normally stay at the Holiday Inn located in downtown Dubuque (Iowa).  This time around, at the suggestion of my boss (I hate the term "boss", but I'm not sure what else I could use) I stayed at the Hotel Julien .  Now I was somewhat apprehensive about staying there, as the place reminds me far too much of the old Hotel Casey, which in my memories consist mainly of decay.  I did, however, have quite the incentive to stay at a new place though:  my still somewhat sore rib cage probably wasn't going to like the slabs that pass for beds at the Holiday Inn.  Anyway, I have to say I was thrilled with the accommodations at the Julien.  My room was very comfortable (especially the bed), and the hotel was in immaculate condition.  Not at all like my memories of the Casey.  To my co-workers who travel to Iowa I highly recommend the Hotel Julien.

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