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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Of Disclaimers, "Readership" & Introversion

My employer has further clarified its Social Media policy, and after some thought I'd added the following disclaimer to the blog:


The opinions expressed in NCFE are those of Stephen Albert alone and are not intended to represent the ideas or opinions of any other person, group, or organization

Now I don't think I've ever referenced my employer by name, and I have indirectly referred to it all of, I think, two times over the years.  Regardless, having this kind of disclaimer seems to be a reasonable thing to do.  I know, I am probably caving in to "the Man", but so be it; as I do reserve the right to adjust, refine, and re-look at just about everything I do.

Speaking of the blog as an entity, I have the opportunity to engage in some virtual work this summer that could actually get more people actually read this stuff.  That's actually an interesting thought, as I've honestly never spent any time thinking about such things.  Do I care about that kind of thing (a-la "readership")?  Not really.  As I have said all along, I do this to entertain myself; the fact that someone else may be entertained is something of a side note.  I do, however, enjoy the notion of spurring thought, be it in myself or in others.  If reading something here make someone think about something they otherwise would not have, then I suspect that's not a terrible thing.

"For an introvert, he really put's himself out there"

The above is something of a paraphrased comment from someone who read over some of this stuff a few months ago.  I think the sentiment expressed is actually pretty fascinating.  Yes, I am probably one of the most introverted people anyone would ever meet.  I genuinely dislike things like parties, small-talk, and just general all-around "hob-nobbery".  I am comfortable working alone and I am comfortable being alone for the most part (although I will note that I have no desire to be completely alone for any extended period of time).  For me, the ideal interaction is with just one other person at a time.  As I write this stuff, I never imagine anyone other than myself speaking or listening, making this far more of a monologue than a discussion.  Why do it then?  Well the reasoning is similar to why I acted in a few plays in high school (despite being incredibly shy and awkward) and actually speak to groups of people at work:  I love the notion of "controlled" extroversion.  Being an introvert, I am very uncomfortable in situations where I have to think and act too much on my feet; I always need to "process".  Here I can "put things out there" but do it in a way where I basically get to think about, ponder and choose what goes out onto the page.  Basically I can "act" like an extrovert but do it in an oh-so introverted kind of way.  Best of both worlds.

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