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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

It's Raining Again

A seemingly fitting song (link HERE) for today, although it was far too cold for actual rain...

I had to pack for two and a half days in Hartford, I had to pick up the keys for Korin's car, Kate had car trouble, I had to drive to Hartford, I had my annual performance appraisal at 5pm and my back hurt.  Yes, it was a hell of a day.

For the record, the performance appraisal discussion went well and Kate's car had to be towed (which cost me $100).  Beauty!

Here's to hoping for a bit of sunshine tomorrow.

As for now, I am exhausted.  Too much thinking, too much worrying, too much breathing in really cold air (which is really difficult with the bum ribs).  I think it's time for fiber, flossing, brushing and just generally engaging in some good old fashioned sloth.

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