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Saturday, March 13, 2010

WILK Points

I've had this point to make about WILK tucked in the back of my head for a while now, but for some reason I just didn't feel the need to let it out. However since it's a Saturday morning and, in theory, I am not in my usual rush to do things (this morning will be consumed by maybe hitting the gym and then grocery shopping), I thought I might as well get it out. Oh, and I had this other point to make as well. Rather pointed. Perhaps I had better get to the point. Ever see Harry Nilsson's The Point?

First Point: As was noted by many others (including Circumlocution for Dummies, HERE), the writer of the "WILK Watcher" blog decided to give up on his/her quest. That's too bad because blogs about the media can be pretty interesting. Of course they require the ability to actually watch/listen to the media in question, but that's par for the course. Now I'm not going to take cheap shots at WILK (see Second Point), but I do think they do deserve some watching and/or scrutiny. Sure it's all opinion stuff, but people forget that what they do is ENTERTAINMENT FIRST, NEWS SECOND. Forget what Steve Corbett says about being a "news guy"'s all about being controversial in order to get rating in order to make money. Viva la free enterprise & good for them, but listeners need to keep this in mind.

Second Point: A month or so ago I was in the gym and for some insane reason I had the Sue Henry Show playing through my mp3 device. I know, she doesn't exactly get your blood flowing, but I wanted to hear something in the background so she got the nod. Anyway, she was making some point about the media in general and radio specifically, which concluded by a statement that went something like "...the Opie & Anthony and Howard Stern types don't represent my profession...". My initial reaction was one of "ah, okay"; that reaction turned into one of those head shaking ironic moments when, during the next commercial break (and I swear this is true...) there was a commercial on WILK for a "male enhancement product". Somehow in the back of my pea-brained mind I am thinking that there isn't a whole hell of a lot of difference between Howard Stern talking about lesbians and a commercial for stiffy pills. Oh, but Sue didn't talk about the product, so I guess she gets to say on her moral high-horse. Check please.

One final point...

For the record I am not a fan of Opie & Anthony, although one of them does a spot-on impersonation of Don Imus that is hilarious.

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