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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Road Apples, #59

Domesticity 101...Well another evening has come and gone and I still haven't mopped my kitchen floor. Hmmmm, I'm sensing a pattern here. At least this time I have a quasi-excuse, other than "sloth".

Best Excuse for Not Mopping Kitchen Floor...My youngest brother Joe is back in the hospital, after having a fainting spell. This comes on the heels of a similar episode in February, which came on the heels of a stroke & heart surgery last year. Poor guy. He seemed fine when I took my mother up to see him in emergency room, but 43 year old men just don't up and faint all the time for no good reason, so they are going to try and explore why this might be happening some more.

Blogger Bad Habits...I have this horrible habit of writing lengthy replies to posts on other blogs, which then saps all of my blogging energy away, leaving nothing but "why didn't I mop the kitchen floor" material left in my head. It's like crack though in that sometimes I just can't help myself. Can they treat this sort of thing with Methadone? Good thing I don't live in Dunmore.

Speaking of Bloggers...I received my invitation to the Blogger get together and responded with an affirmative "maybe". The place is in Wilkes-Barre (sorry, some Scranton humor's actually in Pittston, but growing up, everything past the airport was considered "Wilkes-Barre" anyway), and according to Gort's description it's pretty nice. Working against me here is the fact that I have the social skills of the Unibomer, well outside of professional situations I suppose. Still, the premise does sound interesting and being a virtual hermit does kind of suck sometimes. Oh, and it makes for a damn good excuse to not mop the kitchen floor.

Pictures...I raided my mother's store of pictures and have whole pile to scan. Included in the lot are a few of my father and my sister Michelle. I'm hoping to get to that stuff sometime this week, and maybe I'll post a few to Facebook.

Time Killers...In between engaging in reading the latest from the Wall Street Journal, Business Week and my Harvard Business Review summaries, I like to play video games. I am especially fond of the game type known as the "first person shooter", and I have multiple games for all three of the systems I own...PlayStation 2, XBox and XBox360. I'm currently playing "Wofenstein" on XBox360, but it's very frustrating getting through the various levels, so to relieve the frustration I'm also playing Killzone on PS2 for about the 1000th time. It's a flawed existence, but it's the only one I've got.

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Gort said...

Hope to see you.