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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Airport May Need Financial Help

There is an article in today's Scranton Time about the local airport possibly needing financial help. You can link to it HERE. I haven't read the article yet, so I'll defer full comment until later. However one thing stands out right off the top of my head: like many local government run endeavors, I strongly suspect that the airport probably has more than its share of under-performing, "got the job as a favor from _____________ local politician" types. Any additional money given to the airport should come with the condition that operations be reviewed by an independent party who can make binding recommendations to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Post Script (8pm) - Well it's ironic that the deficit they are talking about is about twice the cost of the "invitation only" party thrown a few years back when the airport opened. Anyway, while I enjoy flying out of the airport, it's really too large for the traffic it supports. That noted, it's not as if we can shrink it, and some of the moronic postings on the Scranton Times website about closing it are just that...moronic. We have to live with this, so maybe it's time for some belt-tightening. Paying attention Mr Centini?

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