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Monday, March 15, 2010

Stupid List - 5 Conservatives I Admire & 5 I Loathe

File this one in the senseless list department. Note that I'm not limiting myself to the just the living.

In general I admire conservatives who promote ideas...not just ideals. I like thinkers, people that use logic and reasoning to make a point.

Jack Kemp
Proof that race relations don't have to be a just a Democratic issue. The man walked the talk.

Newt Gingrich
I love to listen to former him speak...very eloquently uses logic to promote a fiscally conservative agenda. (Note...he falls flat when he starts talking about moral issues, as he has more than a little baggage).

William F. Buckley
Genius. His writing just flows. Read what he had to say about legalizing drugs.

Congressman Paul Ryan
Representative from Wisconsin. I love his ideas on taxation. He also has a knack for civil debate. If he is the future of the GOP, then things are looking up.

Congressman Ron Paul
I genuinely think that many of his positions make him seem nuttier than a fruitcake, but I admire the his brains, passion and ability to call it like he sees it. This is why he is unelectable by any national party.

In my opinion, conservatives fail when they hop on the "moral high horse" department .

Pat Robertson
Scary, simply scary. He in essence says "I'm right because God says so".

Rush Limbaugh
Draft Dodging + Drug Addiction = H Y P O C R I T E

Michael Steele
He had some potential, but then he jumped the shark over the whole Limbaugh apology thing.

Rick Santorum
A man who gunned for NWS & NOAA because he wanted to promote State College based Accuweather. Arrogant and smug. He was to the 2000's what Dan Quayle was to the late 80's. Promoted bogus WMDs from Iraq on the Senator floor. Holier than thou. Somehow believes that he is qualified to be President.

Sarah Palin
Counts among her "qualifications" being mayor of Wasilla, Alaska...a town about the same size as Dunmore, PA. That puts her on par with Nibs Loughney. Was governor of a state that has about the same population of Northeastern Pennsylvania. Does this mean that Corey O'Brien should be running for Vice President next time around instead of Congress? Paraded her family out for countless campaign and other events, but then quit as governor in part because of the attention it drew to her family. Republicans can do far better than this.

Parting two least favorite liberals:

Jesse Jackson
This one may not be very popular, but so be it. I'm not sure what Jesse Jackson has done since the death of Dr King, other than promote Jesse Jackson. It's my personal opinion that he engages in shameless race-baiting and relies on emotion instead of logic to make points. Note that I'm tempted to include the Al Sharpton on the list, but I actually think Sharpton has three things going for him: he never ducks a fight (the man will debate anyone), he got Don Imus off the air temporarily & I'm not entirely sure he takes himself that seriously.

Ralph Nader
I personally think that Ralph Nader runs for national office simply because he likes the attention. "Unsafe At Any Speed" was a landmark book, but I really can't point to anything else that he has done that didn't involve self-promotion.

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Tom Borthwick said...

Did you actually read Paul Ryan's budget? Or any analyses of it? It would effectively reduce tax rates the more money one made. It would destroy an already heavily shat upon middle class. Ryan is a joke. Not even the Republican party is backing up his trash (which surprises me, honestly).

The only one on your list I can partially admire is Ron Paul. Down with the Fed, baby!