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Friday, March 19, 2010

Rush Limbaugh Audience Demographics

I've always wondered about the Rush Limbaugh demographic, and while I'm still looking for relatively unbiased radio statistics (there is a Vanity Fair article out there, but I'm not sure it's all that credible), I did find some stats for his website from what appears to be a credible source:

Male (76%)
Over Age Age 35 (79%)...with the majority of that being over age 50
White (95%)
Has No Kids (76%)...most likely because the kids have grown & moved out
Earns More Than $60k/Year (67%)...with the majority earning over $100k/year
Attended College/Grad School (80%)

Bottom Line: (not so shockingly) older white people.

Citation HERE.

I'll keep looking for the radio demographic, but I do have a few ideas as to what I'll find... will be as white will be even more male will be even wealthier will be older (maybe much older; Vanity Fair claims an average listener age of 67)


Tom Borthwick said...

It should read "Older Fearful White People".

And make sure to get your ass to the Blogger Meetup! I'll buy you a beer. People are expecting you!

Anonymous said...

I was surprised at the proportion that had a college degree since one of the mantras of the conservatives is that University professors brainwash students into becoming liberals. Is there a degree in Redneckism?

According to Quantcast, a demographic site I looked at, Limbaugh only has about 168,000 listeners per day. That's way more wackos than I would like to admit live in our country, but it's only about 0.127% of the voters in the last election. Of course, this is only a fraction of the 20 million weekly listeners Limbaugh has claimed for 16 year (hasn't gained or lost a listener.)

While it is hard to dig through the propaganda sludge, serious researchers think Limbaugh's audience is about 1.4 million, same as The Daily Show and more than Leno or Letterman.

According to a NY times article, Limbaugh's ratings are higher during commercials. According to Arbitron, his ratings plummeted 33% since the mid term elections. The average age of his listeners is over 60. Rich, old, white guys who want to maintain the status quo which they profit heavily from, but is lousy for everyone else.

Anonymous said...

Quantcast is a WEBSITE analysis not radio show!! Know your sources before posting "facts"

Anonymous said...

How about the most affluent best educated audience in the world. One word for you liberal maggots: JEALOUSY. Can't compete with Rush Haaaaaa!

Stephen Albert said...

Anonymous (March 22nd)...

Why not man-up and proclaim your love for Rush using your own name?

Anonymous said...

I'm a married woman, with an undergrad degree who worked in what would be considered a male dominated sphere for 15 years, as a bond trader. I have heard more sexist, racist and bigoted remarks in a few weeks following this than I ever heard during my 15 years in NYC on trading floors at 3 large cos. I live in Fairfield Country, outside out NYC, no one I know would admit to listening to this fossil. So unless there are a lot of closeted middle aged men running to their cars to sit and list to redundant rhetoric, I would have to doubt that the poster who quoted "JEALOUSLY" has anything to do with it. Most of the people who live in town are involved in the financial industrial, and are used to having credible sources such as BBC, REuters, AP at their fingertips 24/7. I don't think any affluent person I can think of in this hedge fund town would give RL the time of day, whether they are libs of conservatives. And to the same posters point, I am a 1%er, but I vote with my head, irrespective of what that will mean to my pocketbook.

Stephen Albert said...

Thanks for the comment Anonymous 04/08. I don't consider myself affluent and not in the "1%", but I am reasonably successful in my chosen career. I am also am well educated and a white male without a bone of race-fueled guilt in my body. In other words I should be in Limbaugh's audience by some measures, but, obviously, I think he's a flaming idiot.