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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Road Apples, #43

Lung Cancer...Great article on lung cancer appearing on the front page of The Sunday Times. Link to it here. The article is aptly titled "Deadliest cancer tied almost entirely to smoking". It really, truly saddens me to see people who still engage in activity, especially people I know. I do realize how addictive it is, but we are not talking about some mildly annoying habit here...we are talking about something that is 100% fatal. Kudos to the folks at The Scranton Times for writing this story.

Pandorum...I went to see this movie today. Not bad, although it was one of those movies that has action scenes that move so fast that you can't really tell what is going on. I hate that. The last Transformers movie was just like that; what's the purpose of having a sequence if it moves so fast that you can't tell what's going on?

Movies...I do like to go to the movies, but I do also have this "love/hate" relationship with movie popcorn. Love in the sense that I love the taste; hate in the sense that I hate the feeling of it between my teeth and, quite frankly, it has this nasty habit of over-loading my digestive system. I'm 45 with the digestive system of an 80 year old. I think I should go on the RoboCop diet

Flu...I managed to get my flu shot on Friday, five minutes before my class began. Nothing like having to flail my arm around while I'm trying to teach people how to use Of course now I've had some sinus problems over the past few days, but I think I can blame that one on the bug that Katrina possibly gave me last weekend. Right now the front of my face feels like it's about to blow the hatch on a submarine. Time to medicate.

On The Road...I'm back in Hartford this Thursday and Friday. This time someone else is going, so I'll drive with them Wednesday evening. It will be nice for a change to have company. I'll be staying again at the Homebound Suites in Hartford...much better than the "regular" Hilton.

In Computer News...My laptop continues to suffer from "computo-AIDS", so one of these days I really should see about getting it disinfected. I'll need to do that in order to install the Palm desktop. Maybe once I get all this furnace work done.

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