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Friday, September 4, 2009

In The "This will not make me friends" Department...

I saw this posting on Facebook from a morning radio talk show...

"Sen. Bob Casey on live at 7:45am...right wing wackos who are taking their kids out of class because the President is addressing students next week... on the Morning News right now on WILK"

To which I just had to respond...

Stephen Albert
I find it humorously ironic that this topic was started with the phrase "right wing wackos who are..." when it's WILK that profits from "right wing wackos" via programming. Isn't this kind of like a Preacher giving a sermon about the evils of pornography while at the same time running a pornographic website?

I just couldn't help it. This is the same radio station that has a line-up that consists of almost nothing but "right wing wackos", from Limbaugh to Hannity to Savage. Now I can respect people with differing political views, but come on it's hard to believe any measure of disgust from a radio Programming Director who does well via these same 'wackos".

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