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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Road Apples, #42

Work...I am actually working in in not traveling...for the next week and a half. Truth be told, while I have a lot of travel yet to come, there is only one more 4 day "stint" of left between now and the end of October (barring something unexpected). I have a lot that I want to do at home, so the time here will be welcome. Lots of cleaning.

The Fall...Fall is my absolute favorite season. More on this in another post.

Car Speakers...When I returned from a trip a week ago, I discovered that my right front car stereo speaker has blown-out. "Blown-out" is a technical term for "no longer sounds right", or something like that. I need to see if I can buy a replacement for it, as it now sounds pretty bad no matter what I do.

"You Might Be A Redneck If..."...Yes, I am going to the "Flea Market" this morning. I like to go every once in a while for a few reasons, including...

...I can find interesting junk from time to time
...It's not a bad little walk
...It makes for interesting people observing

For $0.50 parking fee you get a lot of entertainment. Plus they have these really good hamburgers.

Yesterday...I went grocery shopping and then went out on the great quest for new boxer shorts. About two years ago I decided to make the "leap" from wearing white cotton briefs to wearing boxer shorts. Something about how I bought one pair of boxers, put them on, and realized that for the preceding 43 years I had been wearing underwear that really was uncomfortable; but another way, I didn't know what I was missing in not wearing boxers. Well it was time to throw out everything I had and get some new ones. My first thought was "I'll get some from Eddie Bauer", as I really dig Eddie Bauer's clothing. Well, Eddie no longer carries boxer shorts, so it was off to Kmart where I found some Fruit of the Loom. I am very particular about the boxer:

...they must be made from 100% cotton (except for the elastic)
...the waist-band must be covered in fabric
...solid colors only

Yes, I know, so many rules. I sound like Monk. Anyway, I found some at Kmart, and am wearing a new pair as I write this. Just another spoiled American I guess.

Pennsylvania's Budget Crisis...Pennsylvania still does not have a budget. Personally I think every last one of them in Harrisburg needs to be fired. They do not deserve their jobs, Democrats and Republicans alike. All are more interested in the preservation of power and the status quo than they are in actually governing the Commonwealth in an effective manner.

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