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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

On Roman Polanski

Article link here.

Famed director Roman Polanski is fighting extradition to the United States after being nabbed by Swiss authorities on an 31 year old arrest warrant. Apparently both France and Poland and have filed complaints with the U.S. State Department over the apprehension.

Now what could Roman have done that was so horrible as to warrant being arrested 31 years later in a foreign country? Well he is accused of raping a 13 year old girl (who, by the way has now stated that Polanski shouldn't face charges).

Here's my two cents: Roman Polanski is not entitled to any "special" justice as a result of his stature, accomplishments or residence. Maybe the situation is different in Europe, but here no one is above the law. Mr Polanski, if he truly believes that he is innocent, should face his accusers in court.

Now there apparently are credible charges that the original judge in the Polanski case (who is now deceased) engaged in some measure of misconduct, so perhaps there are some mitigating circumstances that should be considered. That's nothing more than a side note though, because the real issue here is whether Polanski did have inappropriate contact with a 13 year old girl, period. Making matters worse is that he fled his accusers all those years ago. Again, that's simply not how justice works in this country.

Here's to hoping that the U.S. State Department stands firm in requiring that the Swiss government uphold it's obligation to extradite Mr Polanski to the United States. He can then stand trial, no better or no worse that the rest of us.

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