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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Road Apples, #37

Commercials...I was browsing around YouTube the other day and I found a whole collection of old cigarette commercials. In fact, I posted one a few days ago. I find this fascinating. Think about it: companies were encouraging people to use a product that they knew would kill them. And for what? Profit. Maybe it's just me, but that's about as evil as evil can get.

On The Work Front...I am slowly but surely winding towards about five weeks of training in out of town, mostly in Hartford. When all is said and done I'll have a fortune in Hilton points. Now on one hand I guess this really should bother me, and I guess it really does. On the other hand, I know this is coming and I simply want it over with. The work will be tough: six+ hours of standing in front of employees teaching a new application, but I suppose there are worse jobs out there. They do pay me too, which in today's economy is always a plus.

Healthcare...One of these days I'm going to rag on about healthcare reform. I swear I am. Fortunately it looks like the US Senate is buying me some extra time to compose my thoughts. Mighty nice of them to do that. Down right Christian.

(Dryer) Health...Tonight will be the 4th visit by the dryer repair man to hopefully get my dryer out of the squealing business and back into more of a tolerable mode of operation. It's amazing how much you can miss something when you don't have it. Mind you if i was just me (or say me and someone else) I'm not sure I'd even have a washer/dryer. I only wash my own clothes once a week, so what's trip to a laundry mat anyway?

(Dental) Health...I had my six month dental check-up with my regular dentist today, and all is well. I have to go back in a month to get some minor work done on a front tooth (a scratch that needs to be bonded) and then get the impression made for my crown (that which will be mounted on my jaw-screw). I'm getting used to this...not bad for a guy who didn't see a dentist for something like 15 years. Oh, and my home care was rated as being "excellent".

Sunday...We spent Sunday Camel Beach water park, and I have to say it was an okay time. The weather wasn't the greatest, but the trade-off was that the crowds were significantly lighter. In fact, the longest I had to wait to get on any ride was about five minutes; for many I was able to just immediately get on without a wait. Of course my favorite part of the park is the wave pool, which can be very relaxing.

I Have A Habit...of finding articles that I want to read, clipping them out or making copies of them, but then having them lay around while I don't have time to read them. In fact, as I type this in my home office I'm staring at one. I also have that Sarah Palin article from Vanity Fair that I have to get to at work. If there was only more time...

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