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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Another "Role Model"

I read this in Fox News today, so I had to share it. I've taken the liberty to red/bold (no relation to Red Bull) the particularly interesting parts.


Is life on the road getting to Britney Spears?

A family insider says Britney was caught by her conservator/dad Jamie Spears popping over-the-counter diet pills and washing them down with Red Bull before a performance on her Circus tour, reports gossip site Betty Confidential.

“Britney was definitely trying to get high by taking too many diet pills and energy drinks,” the source told the site. “Jamie thinks the combination of the two is making her whacked-out and, causing her to lash out in weird angry rampages.”

But that's not all. The insider said “Britney uses green-tea supplements, [Lab 88’s herbal ephedra-free] Metabo Speed XXX, Dexatrim and apple cider vinegar to control her weight and energy levels. She also pours those 5-Hour energy drinks into her Red Bulls," according to the site.

Spears, 26, has done several stints in rehab facilities, and is currently not in charge of her own affairs, with a judge granting conservatoriship of her finances to her father, and custody of her two children to her ex-husband Kevin Federline.

Spears has recently been linked romantically to her agent Jason Trawick.


Hmmmm...pouring "5 Hour Energy Drinks" into Red, really, really smart. Britney Spears once again manages to make "KFed" look like the sane parent.

Now when Britney eventually suffers a full system breakdown due to Red Bull/Green Tea/Diet Pill.5 Hour Energy overload and God-forbid dies, is society going to treat her with the same reverence it seems to be treating the lake Michael Jackson?

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