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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Road Apples, #35

In The Nice Message But Department...Story about preacher Rick Warren linked here, where he says that Christians and Muslims must work together to solve problems. I agree with the message, and while this may should horribly shallow of me, I have a tough time taking the guy seriously because he dyes his hair. Look, if you are a professional wrestler, then male hair dying is okay. Same goes for glam metal band members and actors. But not for preachers. Call me crazy, but I have this notion in my head that "men of God" should be less concerned with being a blondie than other pressing issues out there. This is the kind of thing that I'd expect from someone like Benny Hinn, not Rick Warren. Hell, maybe he has been doing this for years and I just now noticed.

In the Boon Doggle Department...We have Lackawanna County stadium, which apparently is fast becoming unusable due to drainage problems. In fact, last night's game had to be cancelled due to a wet field, which is in spite of the fact that it was a nice, warm, sunny day. Based on what I've read, the field has a drainage problem that is preventing all of the water from the previous Monday-Friday deluge from being wisked away. Now the field was originally surfaced with an artificial turf, but the Yankees insisted on natural grass, so I wonder if the field was ever designed to drain the way they (the Yankees) would like. Regardless, it's pretty clear that this is going to to take some cash to we don't necessarily have. Side note: I know that the stadium has another name (think a large, regional bank), but I refuse to use it. When last I checked, it was the taxpayers that paid for the thing, so it seems to me that the name should reflect that fact.

Missile Shield...The Russian President (Medvedev) is calling for the United States to scrap plans to install a missile shield in Europe. He's right, although I think his rationale and mine are ever so slightly different. Mine is economic (we can't pay for it) and geo-political (we shouldn't pay for it). Simply put, why should we be paying to protect other countries for missile attack? It was President Obama who, just a few days ago, reminded former President (and not "guy holding the puppet strings) Putin that the "cold war was over". Well our President should pay attention to his own words. Let the Europeans install this themselves if they want it.

Sick Car...My Cruiser as an electrical problem, namely that the fog lights will not turn off. To temporarily solve the problem I needed to remove the appropriate fuse, although now they will not (obviously) come on at all. An hour of Internet searches for the problem came up blank. My best guess is that the switch may be bad (it's a single switch that controls all the lights) or perhaps there is a faulty relay at work. Just another problem to solve I suppose.

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