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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Assorted Political Silliness That I've Seen & Heard

The GOP Healthcare Graphic
This is silliness for one simple reason: It's nothing more than a shameless attempt to scare people into the status quo. Want a really scary graphic? Build one of the current healthcare system in this country, complete with references to every party in chain wanting a 15% ROI year over year. Now that is both silly and scary.

Oh, and as for the "lady in England has to wait 6 months to get her arthritis treated" stuff, well it takes six months for my teenage daughter to get an appointment to get his scoliosis checked via my Geisinger Health Plan coverage. So much for that argument.

The Michael Jackson Resolution
This is silliness that seems to have past. I think it was Congressman Maxine Waters wanted something passed in Congress to honor the late Michael Jackson. Sorry, but that's far too silly even for Congress, as the idea died. Score one for our national legislature, as for once they got it right.

Pennsylvania's Budget (or lack thereof)
The heat turns on, as state employees will not get paid. If I were them I would be pissed, Hell, as a taxpayer I am already pissed, as Pennsylvania's legislature proves yet again that it is more interested in self-preservation and pandering to political bases than it is in actually running an efficient and effective state government. GOP - Taxes will have to raised. Democrats - Programs will have to be cut. Not get on with it already.

Oh, and let's make sure that members of the legislature aren't renting office space from themselves anymore.

Slavery Apologies
Slavery is immoral and as practiced in the United States 100+ years ago it was evil. Can we move on now?

Sarah Palin
I have the Vanity Fair article to read yet, which should be interesting. Bottom line is that if Ms Palin can't handle the heat of being the governor of Alaska, then I don't think she has much a future in politics period. If she does want to continue with a political career, I suggest she go to a "political boot camp" of sorts, you know, like running for City Council in Scranton.

Chris Doherty Wants To Be Governor
Now this isn't really all that silly, as I think he has done a good job on balance as Mayor of Scranton. The silly part will come into play as the jockeying would begin to replace him. That's speculation I'll leave to a later date, but suffice to say there aren't a lot of stellar alternatives.

In the "It Better Not Happen" Department (related to silliness)
There had better not be any single part of the new Medical College in Scranton that bears the name of Bob Mellow, Not so much as a freak'n brick. The man funneled our money into this...not his own. It's time for the shameless promotion of politicians (Casey Highway, McDade Park, McDade Expressway, Mellow Theater...) to end.


The Scranton Guardian said...

Doherty raised taxes 25%, Rendell wants to raise taxes 16% and he is in a lot of trouble. I think if Doherty ran for governor, he would be in more trouble than Rendell !!!

Anonymous said...

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