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Sunday, April 19, 2020

Exile on Corona Street, Day 33

In news of the COVID-19 kind, it appears that we may have misunderstood how many, and how severe, the outbreak has been.  Article links HERE and HERE.  I can, by the way, already hear the anti-science crowd shrieking "See!  So much for your Science!", which in and of itself is a great example of ignorance at its finest.   Science is inherently an iterative process, whereby ideas are continuously tested and theories changed as a result of new information.  As for the absolutes that some folks pedal, well...

This is not to say that this whole thing isn't stressful, and we know that sometimes prolonged stress leads to bad decisions and ideas.  Speaking of stress:

(The ironic part:  I been doing three of these things all along.  Other tips HERE.)

Another way I try to minimize stress in my life:  I keep a "To Do" list, diligently, I might add.  It's right on my desk, directly to the left of my keyboard.  It's important to note that the value of the list, at least for me, isn't in the idea that I get massive amounts of things done, although that's certainly a secondary benefit.  No, the value of the list for me is in the idea that I have a list in the first place.  I have a mind that tends to ramble about here and about, so having a list creates something of an anchor for me, a way to focus a bit more, a way to create order out of what would be some sloth-y chaos.  In essence, the value of the list that it simply exists.  Kind of like a cat 😸.

One thing that I didn't have on my list for the weekend (I tend to have a single list for Saturday and Sunday) was to go through the massive store of old papers I kept in the attic.  It amounted to about three plastic tubs-o-stuff, some of which went back to the mid-'80s.  Since yesterday afternoon was cold, wet and generally not all that Spring-like, I decided to make an ad-hoc addition to my list and tackle the store.  The results?
  • Three tubs of storage stuff reduced to one tub of storage stuff.
  • Three large garbage bags of shredded paper, badly degraded binders and "why did I ever keep this?" paperwork.
  • Three bins of paper to recycle.
  • A shredder that was screaming for relief.
  • A few surprises (see below) in terms of things I found that I'm going to keep.
Some of this stuff may actually be helpful (i.e. samples of past work), others are just simply nice to have, such as the hand-drawn picture of my old, red, Ford Ranger, courtesy of my (now older) daughters.  Still, others are just neat markers, if you will, of days gone past.  The older we get, the more we have a tendency to forget the richness of our lives in the past (that's a fancy way of saying that we/I forget things).

Philosophy noted it's time to get some other things done before calling it a night.  A kind of/sort of Monday awaits tomorrow.  Just remember, let's be careful out there.

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