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Friday, April 17, 2020

Exile on Corona Street, Day 32

I choose the graphic in part because of the reference to Dr. Levine.  Some of the article commentaries I've read about Dr. Levine has been utterly horrible.  Pro-tip:  Anyone who isn't sure as to what pronoun to use in reference to Dr. Levine can simply say "Dr. Levine".  That's not so hard, now is it?  For the record, she has been doing an outstanding job during the pandemic.

The above noted, time to throw some randomness into the blog-o-sphere.

* * * * *

I have no musical abilities.  I can not sing well at all.  I had Band in junior high school but reading music just didn't seem to work for me; I think that the underlying concepts were just so alien to how my mind works that it was doomed from the start.  The prior three points noted, I love music.  As I've noted in other blog postings over the years, I almost always have kind of tune in my head.  In fact, sometimes these songs are basically a kind of soundtrack to what I am going through at any given time in my life.  As I think about now, well, this is the soundtrack song that's in my head.

The sentiment seems somehow fitting.  

Regardless of when the worst of the pandemic is over, the world will be different than what we had before all of this started.
  • Social Distancing - I don't see everyone going back to the pre-social distancing ways of being out in public, at least not for most of this year.  
  • Masks - That American sense of bewilderment at certain Asian countries where folks regularly wear surgical masks in public?  It won't be so bewildering anymore.  
  • Consumption - Having all of this time at home may just change consumption habits.  The notion of going out shopping as a form of leisure activity may give way to viewing it as more of a necessity. 
  • Delivery - Some folks are just going to get firmly addicted to home delivery, be it from restaurants, groceries or other things.  
  • Retail Apocalypse - Sadly, this is going to hasten the demise of Sears/Kmart (what's left of it) and push JC Penny's over the edge as well.  The good news?  This is going to create opportunities for smaller/new companies to fill the void.
  • Healthcare - Nothing like a pandemic to get people to realize that healthcare is not a privilege, it's a right, and it's ridiculous that it is currently rationed in this country*.  As it stands, people are going to grow even more impatient with the current state of American healthcare, which is a good thing.
  • Employment - A few companies will come out of this looking very good, regardless of industry.  What will separate the heroes from the rest will be how leaders viewed on-going employment as an organizational imperative.  
  • Organized Religion - Not going to church is becoming a habit for many that will continue after the doors re-open.  For some, it may be the luxury of sleeping in on a Sunday.  For others, it may be the very idea that "well gee, God did not strike down all those times I didn't go". 

Closer to Home
On my (personal) end, the work related to finding a new job continues.  There are a few opportunities out there, but this is a strange time to be in the job market.  As I may have noted before, I genuinely feel bad for people have lost their jobs on the basic skills end of the employment spectrum.  I'm sure I will eventually get something; worst case I'll end up doing something completely different.

None of the above means that I am immune to the stress of my situation and the pandemic environment.  In fact, I've had trouble sleeping past 5am, since I am not as active as I should be I have more aches than I should at my age, and I'm struggling to keep a productive daily routine**.  As it stands, the days are just kind of melting into each other.  My saving grace here is that Ms. Rivers is keeping a regular work schedule, so at least there is some way for me to differentiate, say, Tuesday from Saturday.

On the good news front, the days are promising to get warmer, which means that I'll have more opportunities to work outside (we're going to plant a small garden this year & I have a few outdoor projects to complete) and get some cycling time under my belt.  I just have to wait for it to stop, for example, snowing.

That's about it for now...and hey...let's be careful out there.

* * * * *

(*) Healthcare is rationed in the United States, based on ability to pay.  The wealthy can afford the best healthcare in the world in this country; the poor?  Not so much.  One of many, many citations HERE.  

(**) Spoken from experience:  One of the worst parts of finding a new job is the waiting between things you need to do as part of the process.  

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