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Friday, June 14, 2019

On the (Vacation) Road, Part 1

Emmitsburg, Maryland

It's vacation time, which means, in part, lots of writing.  Mind you, vacation blog posts are more about quantity than quality, so no promises are being made on this end.

This evening's posting comes from Emmitsburg, Maryland.  Why Emmitsburg?  It's just where we decided to stop in route to Virginia Beach.  Most of the driving is in front of us yet, but that can come tomorrow.  For today it was simply important to get out of town as soon as practical.

Both Ms. Rivers and I agree that we need this vacation.  She's going non-stop in her career making sure that her employer stays reasonably compliant.  I'm busy, well, doing "stuff".  There's a bigger posting by the way embedded in that "stuff" comment, and I'm hoping one day it will actually come out of my fingertips.  For now, I need to stay cryptic in order to continue to make my truck payments.  So, in essence, we both need this vacation, all be it for opposite sides of a professional coin.

Since there actually isn't much to write about from a hotel in Emmitsburg, Maryland, I have two choices:  1) End the posting OR 2) Post photographs of the Russian Navy. 

I'm going for #2. 

The photographs were taken last year while leaving St. Petersburg, Russian Federation.

This last photo obviously isn't a ship, but I can imagine it being part of some kind of harbor defense.

On that note, it's time for me to start dialing my brain down just a bit.  See you on the road.

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