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Thursday, January 11, 2018

Fringe County Commissioner Objects to Fringe Festival

Point of reference HERE.

People on the extreme ends of the political they far right or left...typically (at least in my experience) have no sense for the ironic. 

Seriously, how many unwashed, bun-headed hipsters gladly complain about the nebulous "system" via Tweeting on their practically-made-by-Chinese-prisoners(1) iPhones, all while financially contributing to one of the largest corporations in the world?

On the other end of the political and social spectrum, Lackawanna County has a commissioner who holds more than a few fringe views, yet objects to something called the "Fringe Festival".  Doubly ironic?  The fact that his same commissioner objects to funding the Fringe Festival in part because of it's "R-Rated shows", but yet she is apparently is fine with R-rated content from President Trump?  Case in point THIS LINK (Warning:  Suggestive, but censored, content). 

Now Commissioner Cummings actually does, all be it accidentally, touch on a larger, less irony-fueled series of issues:  Should the government be funding the arts at all?  Just what constitutes "art" anyway?  I'm actually on the fence about government funding the arts.  Yes, I do see the benefit that art and arts education brings to society at large.  I also understand though that government resources for such things are limited, and decisions about what can get funding...and what can't...are sometimes inherently subjective(2) in nature.  What's more, should an artist actually want a government, any government for that matter, involved in his/her artistic expression on any level?  It's a slippery slope, to be sure.

Here's to Lackawanna County's fringe commissioner having a relatively short tenure.

(1) See Foxconn.
(2) Again, just what constitutes art anyway?

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