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Friday, June 30, 2017

The Not-Sailor

The title references THIS posting.

Your's truly, along with my wife and mother-in-law, where the guests of my cousin Frank and his wife Kathy on his actual, real-life sailboat.  I'd describe the experience in poetic terms, but I would probably just end up subconsciously nicking the lyrics to Sailing by Christopher Cross anyway, so I'll pass.  What I will say is this:  I can understand the allure of the activity.  
Ms Rivers was given the opportunity to "woman" the helm, and she did spectacularly well.  In fact, it seems like an activity that she'd like to partake in at some point in the future.

As for me, well, I was given the opportunity to "man" the helm, but a bruised hip (from a bike ridding fall a few days ago) made me think the better of it.  Bashing it again just wasn't something I was up for, so I wasn't taking any chances; besides, something tells me that depth-perception is probably a halfway reasonable qualification for a helmsman anyway.  

Looking into the future, I can see nautical activity in our retirement years.  I know Ms. Rivers would enjoy it.  As for me, well, just being somewhere sightly warmer, and by the water, would do just fine.

Many, many thanks for my cousin Frank and his (truly) first-mate wife, Kathy, for hosting us.  We truly had a wonderful time.  Unlike Ms Rivers, I don't have a large or particularly close extended family, so the older I get, the more I appreciate what time I do have with those with whom I share some genetic material.

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