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Monday, May 19, 2014


My youngest daughter Rebecca went with me yesterday evening to watch the new Godzilla movie?  The verdict.  Well as someone who grew up watching the old Godzilla movies, I walked away from Sunday's showing mostly impressed.  A few hits and misses include:

Hit - The fact that Godzilla was (more or less) the "good guy".  That's how the old movies were, and it was nice to see that bit of homage being paid.

Miss - The human characters.  There was enough acting to be distracting from watching the monsters, but not enough to really get to know the characters.  I guess compromises had to be made. but if I had to choose, I'd say more monsters, less humans.

Hit - The effects.  Simply great...with some obvious nods to the old Japanese movies, but updated to modern mega-movie spectacle status.  Also, unlike the Transformer movies, you could actually keep track of the action sequences.

Miss - Not enough monster fighting.  The real monster battle occurred at the end, but prior to that there were teases of Godzilla fighting the flying monster.  I don't like being teased.

Hit - The final battle was more or less pretty cool.  How Godzilla dispatched the final monster was way, way cool.  Epic cool.

This was worth the money I spent for the two tickets.  I did see the 3D version of the film, but that's kind of a waste for me, as I don't really "see" 3D effects all that well.  No bother, as I think Rebecca enjoyed it.

Go see Godzilla if you, as a kid, used to watch the old movies on TV.  It's worth the trip back in time.

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