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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

8 Thing I learned while reading election results, May 20 2014

In no order and mainly for my own amusement.
  1. Never underestimate the power of the Scranton Times to help form public opinion.  NEPA is full of older folks who still read newspapers...and newspaper editorial pages.  I think the Times did more to sink the proposed change in Lackawanna County government than either of the majority commissioners ever did.
  2. "Taco Cat" spelled backwards is "Taco Cat".  Seriously, I learned this while trolling for election results.
  3. Well done political advertising is worth far more than what you pay for it.  Just ask Tom Wolf.
  4. Chuck Volpe is something like 0 for 56 in the election business, directly or indirectly.  Some advice for Mr Volpe:  Plastics.
  5. Luzerne County really stinks at reporting election results.  "Hayno or no?"
  6. At this stage, I'm thinking there is a zero point zero chance that Tom Corbett will not appeal the striking of Pennsylvania's "defense of marriage" act by a Rick Santorum backed (and President Bush appointed) judge.  Given Tom Wolf's margin of victory and the number of people who would probably vote for Benito Mussolini over the sitting governor, he has a lot of base to suck-up to, and nothing makes the PA-bible belt happier than defending the population against imaginary un-biblical threats.    
  7. My next (and new) State Representative will be Eileen Cipriani, who Ms Rivers apparently knows.  Good thing I voted for her then.
  8. My former State Representative, Kevin Haggerty, lost in his re-election bid.  This is a loss for NEPA as a whole, as Kevin was truly insane, in the best sense of the word insane.  Insane as in truly speaking his mind.  Insane as in engaging with people he disagreed with.  Insane as in really challenging the status quo.  I hope he finds another way to serve.

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