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Monday, May 12, 2014

10 Observations about living in West Pittston, Pennsylvania

In no real order, for no apparently reason.
  1. Mansions and Such - On my very street we have a beautiful single family Victorian home for sale, at an asking price of around $230,000.  Next door to it?  A place that look like it's crystal meth central for this side of the Susquehanna.  Go figure.
  2. Walking - I think it's probably possible to circumnavigate the entire town in about an hour.  I swear that's true. 
  3. Cherry Blossom Festival - Yawn. 
  4. Trees - The town needs more trees.  No, I'm actually just kidding.  We have plenty of trees here.  Next.
  5. Supermarket - The closest supermarket is Gerrity's, and I have just about given up on it.  I was there once and they didn't have cucumbers.  I kid you not.  We need a Wegman's here, or at least a Giant.
  6. Recycling Ritual - Despite curb-side pickup of recycling, I think 90% of the town actually goes to the public works building every Saturday morning to drop off their recycling.  I do, and I'm not even a native.  It must be some kind of social thing that I, as a dyed in the wool introvert, simply fail to grasp.
  7. Dogs - I'm convinced that we are the only people in town who don't own a dog.  
  8. Diversity - I'm kind of thinking that the borough flower should be a Lilly.
  9. River Walk - It's actually really neat to walk along the river, provided that the shore of the river isn't also Wyoming Avenue.
  10. The Borders are Silly - I can walk less than 10 minutes in one direction and be in Exeter.  About a half hour later and I'll be in another town.  What do all of these borders really meany anyway?  I'm convinced that all of these little towns simply exist in order to give some folks the title of "mayor".  It's like some kind of bizzaro EEOC requirement for older white guys; think "every old white guy should have the chance to be a mayor of his own town at some point".  

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