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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Please consider voting for Kevin Haggerty

To the best of my knowledge I have never used this blog to specifically ask anyone to vote for any particular candidate.  Have I mentioned how I will be voting from time to time?  Sure, but to outright ask for a vote?  No.  But I'm going to make an exception this time around.

By way of background, Kevin Haggerty is running against incumbent Ken Smith in House District 112.  If you live in Lackawanna County and are wondering who your state representative is you can click HERE.

Anyway, Kevin Haggerty is, by my estimation, a maniac.  He is genuinely, passionately nuts.  I know...I've talked the guy.  I've had to defend postings on this blog against his comments.  Throughout it all, one addition to his being nuts that is...stands out:  the guy has an enthusiasm that you just can't fake.  He wants this job and I'm convinced that his insanity is just what is needed in Harrisburg.

Why?  Well Pennsylvania's Legislature if filled with amorphous blobs of human flesh that seem to exist solely for purposes of self-gratification.  It is, by my estimation, the most dysfunctional legislative body to ever grace the entirety of human existence.  This is precisely the kind of place where HD-112 incumbent Ken Smith fits right in:  a place where actions have no consequences and following the leader is more important than following your conscience.  Enough already!  If ever there was a time when it was justified to take a chance with a candidate it's now.  What's the alternative?  More of the same?

Now by way of disclosure I will note that while I've been invited...several times by the Kevin Haggerty to various events and fundraisers, I've not attended a single one.  I've also not donated a single penny to his campaign.  I owe nothing to the man, and he certainly owes nothing to me.  All I really want is someone to represent me in the Pennsylvania Legislature who will do more than just take care of himself.  I want a representative that will do more than simply peer out of his office to proclaim what he thinks people want to hear ("Methadone clinics are bad!  Not in my back yard!") while simultaneously doing NOTHING to move the Legislature out of the moral and ethical sewer it created for itself.

Ken Smith is a follower who takes care of himself.  He seems to want your vote because, well, being a legislator is apparently easier than running a restaurant.

Kevin Haggerty is, as noted above, a nut.  But he is a passionate nut.  These days it's worth taking a chance on a passionate nut, if for no other reason than the fact that Harrisburg could benefit from a few passionate nuts.  We've seen that alternative and it does not work.

Please consider voting for Kevin Haggerty on primary election day.

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