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Friday, October 28, 2011

Road Apples, #114

Blogging (in general)...I go through these phases where I write in manic quantities, both here and in other places.  Then the pendulum swings back and I struggle a bit to put any thoughts, cohesive or otherwise, into words.  It's been more of the latter lately, although I'm at a loss to explain why.  Part of it has to do with work these days, as some changes that evolved over the past month or so have put more responsiblity (and more urgency) on my plate, which ultimately just sucks some of the "vita" out of me.  Part of is the fact that I genuinely have far less personal angst in my life.  Well maybe I have the same amount of angst, but I'm just better able to handle it all.

Speaking of Work...and Vacation...I read where Andy Palumbo is crying over burning off his last vacation days (link HERE), which isn't something I've had a problem with for years.  Just yesterday I scheduled time off through the balance of the year and when the dust settled I still have 10.5 vacation days left to carry-over into 2012.  Now for the record I did take two weeks of vacation this year (New Hampshire and Maine), so it's not as if I don't take some time throughout the year.  I suspect this is one of the benefits of working at the same place for so long, namely the 33 vacation days I earn per year (which increased by about a third when I added in carry-over from 2010 to 2011).  I will use one or two of the 10.5 days before the end of the year, as I'm sure youngest daughter will want to be picked up from college and/or I may just need an extra mental health day here or there.  Oh, and I am taking time off around Thanksgiving and Christmas (which I usually don't do).

Beavis and Butthead...reappeared on MTV yesterday.  For 30 minutes I laughed myself into a stupor.  Mike Judge creates terrific parodies, be it Office Space or the world's dumbest teenagers.  If you don't like Beavis and Butthead because it glorifies stupid behavior then I'd say that you miss the point...namely that it pokes fun at stupid behavior.  "Beavis was crying, hehehehehe."

Europe Pledges a Trillion in Bailout Money...who here in the US cares?  Will the GOP Presidential candidates even mention this?  Of course not!  There is an element of United States society that still thinks it is 1915 and what happens "over there" can't impact us "here".  Reality check:  nothing could be further from the truth.  Whether we like to admit it our not, we have a world economy.  Greek debt, for example, may be held by some American financial institutions; what's more, I'm sure that American financial institutions have a large financial stake in the other holders of Greek debt.  It's like a small Arkansas town...everyone is related.

Occupy Wall Street...Is Rush Limbaugh still claiming that the Occupy Wall Street people are defecating over everything?  

The Research Begins:  iPad vs. Android Tablet...I'm not going to do anything until early next year, but I am salivating at the thought of having another tech toy.  I'm open to any opinions on the subject, be they pro-Android or from Apple fan-boys.  If I go Android then I'd be tempted to buy the Sony S1.  Do I need a tablet?  Not really, but there is a certain element of needing to stay on top of technology that helps in my career...which sounds good, even if it is mostly horse manure.

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