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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Road Apples, #113

Hotel Sterling...If I wasn't completely devoid of motivation I'd make my way down to Wilkes-Boro to take some pictures of the decaying-before-our-very-eyes Hotel Sterling.  There is something incredibly fascinating but yet sad about a grand old building that has fallen down into such disrepair.  Think about it:  a building is a "thing" on one level, but on another it represents so very much on another.  How many loves were found, marriages celebrated, campaigns began, campaigns ended and just lives changed at a place like the Hotel Sterling?  It is something of an old cliche (sorry, I don't have the accent mark), but if only the walls could talk in places such as this.

Holy Family Church...Speaking of places with history, the church where I received most of the Catholic Sacraments is being slowly dismantled.  Andy Palumbo is doing a great service for me (and others I suspect) by taking pictures of this sad event.  When I was a little person receiving first Communion the place looked so very large; now that it is being dismantled it seems to be so very much smaller.

TrashAThon...For a few minutes this afternoon I was alternating between Mod Wives and Jersey Shore as my background TV noise.  The very best that New Jersey/New York has to offer I suppose.  I'd be critical of both shows, but what's the point?  They both apparently do well in the ratings, so someone is making money off it all.  

Rick Perry...There is a story in the National Enquirer that connects Rick Perry in some manner with the KKK.  Now hardcore Republicans will whine that "it's just the National Enquirer", but how many of those folks were reveling when John Edwards was getting skewed in those same pages?  The National Enquirer may publish its share of trash, but they also get it right every once in a while.  Anyway, the story is well beyond the U.S. tabloids, as it has gotten coverage also by the U.K.'s Daily Mail.  You can link to the story HERE.

REM...The band REM recently announced their retirement, and while I will not going to claim that I am the biggest fan of their music, I will note that they have had a hell of a run. Some of my favorite REM songs include The One I Love, Stand, Pop Song 89, Fall On Me, It's The End of the World As We Know It, Losing My Religion and others.  The music was great, but even more impressive was the fact that, in an industry full of assorted wankers, stoners and degenerates, they carried themselves well over the years.  They are also incredibly talented musicians. Here's to Athens greatest contribution to popular music...

You just don't see talent like this in popular music very often these days.

NBA Season...It looks like the battle of "millionaires vs multi-millionaires", also known as the NBA owners vs NBA players union, will result in some kind of season cancellation.  How many people care?  Personally I find the concept of a labor union representing individuals who on average make over $5 million (reference HERE) to be ever so slightly surreal, especially when you consider that most top talent in the league have individual agents representing them as well. The folks entertain others for a living for Pete's sake!  In the "contribution to society" department they may rank slightly above circus clowns.

Don't get me started on the public financing of athletic facilities.

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