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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Charlie Bible Buck Hatchko

Local Atheist and general all around good guy (you can follow him HERE) Justin Vacula noted on Facebook that...

"Just putting the following out there...if the upcoming election in Luzerne County happens to be delayed or modified in some way because "Charlie Bible Buck Hatchko" is listed as a candidate on the ballot, don't blame me for complaining, but rather blame the persons who allowed this to go on the ballot. Thanks!"

As I think about this, it's pretty clear that Mr Hatchko is trying to alter his name in order to appeal for votes.  Fair enough.  What if others tried to do the same?  We could end up with combinations like...

Heinz "Jews Control the Media" Von Erich
Appealing to the neo-NAZI vote.

Walter "Abortion is Murder" Jones
Appealing to the Right to Life vote.

Bob "Scary Brown Horde" Smith
Appealing to Lou Barletta's supporters.

Fred "Popery" Carroll
Appealing to the anti-Catholic vote.

Lisa "Trick or Trout" Anderson
Appealing to the Dyslexic vote.

Larry "Uptight White Guy" Alden
Appealing to Rick Santorum's supporters.

Lisa "Black Helicopter" Rimes
Appealing to conspiracy nuts everywhere.

Tim "Freedom to Crap Anywhere" Simmons
Appealing to Occupy Wall Street supporters.

Charlie "Pretend it's Still 1954" Peters
Appealing to Rush Limbaugh's listeners.

Luther "I don't Care if Scranton is Actually Larger" Searfoss
Appealing to Wilke-Barre voters.

Steve "Who are You" Allen
Appealing to the dementia vote.

Lester "Doherty Caused my Psoriasis" Windstead
Appearing to supporters of Scranton City Council President Janet Evans

Steve "Lame-Assed Posting" Albert
Appealing one.

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