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Saturday, October 8, 2011

10 Clues that "The Office" Really Doesn't Take Place In Scranton

In no particular order, for no particular reason:

  1. It's clearly way too flat to actually be Scranton.
  2. No office chatter about the loons that spoke at the last city council meeting.
  3. No reference to a location being "up da line" or "down da line".
  4. The men always tuck their shirts in (this is a dead give-away).
  5. It would actually be nearly impossible to drive your car into the real Lake Scranton (and if you did, I think the EPA would end up getting involved).
  6. No office political loud-mouth parroting what he just heard Rush Limbaugh say.
  7. Angela clearly isn't Catholic.
  8. People in this area drink their booze in the woods, a beer garden or at home, not on Lake Wallenpaupack
  9. Mose would be in a group home instead on working on the beet farm.
  10. If it really was filmed in Scranton, malcontents in Wilkes-Boro would be complaining about it (and would not doubt try and get their Congressman to have the location changed to somewhere in Wilkes-Boro, you know, like Nannicoke or Plimmit).

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