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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Field Notes, Wednesday August 17th

Yesterday was one of the wettest days I've ever encountered as a human  being.  The moisture was so thick in the air that it seemed to almost be a solid.  It was one of those days where it was difficult to feel warm, let alone dry.  Yet it really wasn't a bad day either.  The trek de jour yesterday was to Acadia National Park, and despite the lack of visibility it was still breathtaking.  I took a few pictures, but alas I am not at the moment sufficiently motivated to download them for attachment purposes.  No bother, as there will be opportunities for picture posting, just as there will be another opportunity to visit Acadia before I leave this wonderful place.

Another wonderful place that was accidentally stumbled upon yesterday was Seal Harbor, which just basically found us as we were finding an alternate route out of Acadia.  I didn't actually see any seals, but it was one of those picture-esque Maine harbors that you see on calendars for sale at a bookstore.  It's amazing how little justice pictures provide to some scenes.

In other news there will be boating today, and for that I am psyched.  I'm not a big sailing kind of guy, but it is cool to be out on the water and who knows, maybe I will get a glimpse of some flora and fauna.  Pictures would be even better.  One never knows.

As a final...all be it unrelated...note, as I was logging in this morning to post something I actually yesterday, Google asked me if I wanted to monetize the blog as, in their words "it looks like you have a lot of readers" or something along those lines.  For the record I don't believe their assertion, but even if I did I have no plans to add any advertising to this, ever, no matter how few or many actually look at this spew.  Why?  I have a few reasons actually:

  1. The nature of my job requires me to get my employers permission before I engage in any outside business activities.  Getting a dollar every month from Google actually would be considered an "outside business activity".  Simply put, I don't want to ask my employer if I can blog.
  2. I've seen some left-leaning blogs that end up posting advertisements for right-wing candidates (although I have not seen the reverse), and it bothers me that my space might be advocating for some one or some thing that I disagree with.
So much for earning my fortune (or enough money to buy a paper...every other month) in the blog-o-sphere.

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