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Monday, August 15, 2011

Field Notes, Sunday August 14th

The NCFE command bunker is on the road this week, with a planned trip to Bar Harbor, Maine, being the final destination.  Actually the “real” final destination is Mount Desert Island, but since I am somewhat challenged in my Maine geography (side note:  I was accepted to Millersville University to study geography), I’m going to stick with Bar Harbor for the moment.

I feel like this is going to turn into an episode of Family Guy, as I have all these cut-away thoughts running through my head at the moment.  For example…

I know that the blog has been somewhat barren over the past few days and weeks.  In fact I strongly suspect that my blogging “volume” has decreased substantially over the past few weeks.  Why?  Well in all honesty (as opposed, I suspect, to lying) I’ve just had far more “things” than “time for things”.  Work in a great example…I just have a lot going on these days.  A lot.  Change will do that every time, and where I work change isn’t something that visits infrequently…in fact it is more or less a permanent resident.  There will be more to come on that one of these days. 

Another area for almost constant distraction has been getting my two youngest daughters ready for college.  My middle daughter starts her second year at the University of Scranton (a cut-away within a cut-away:  she just recently switched majors from Business/Spanish to Biology/Spanish…a chip off the old block, as I once switched majors from Civil Engineering to Business) and my baby daughter starts her first year at West Chester University, studying Social Work.  The payoff to all these things going on is that eventually life will settle down a bit more after the end of the month.  Unfortunately “settle down” also equates to “seeing daughters less”, but this is what happens when your kids get older.  In theory one is supposed to be thankful for this sort of thing…going away to college is preferable to going away to jail.

Distractions, distractions.  Doesn’t life know that I have blogging to do?   Back to the field notes.

At the moment I am in Webster, MA, getting ready to make the trek to Maine.  This leg of the trip will include a stop in the massive Maine outlet complex in Kittery later today.  I believe that there is an L.L. Bean store there.  This is an urban preppy heaven of a sort, the kind of place that makes fake outdoorsmen like me giggle with delight.  In driving here yesterday I was struck by just how green everything is in western MA.  In particular the trees grow right out to the road here, is if it is some kind of perpetual battle between the forest and civilization, with civilization only marginally winning.  Outside of the environmental distinctions, the house I am staying at for tonight (and next weekend, for the return trip) has a distinctive “This Old House” feel about it.  In fact I am waiting for Norm Abram…who is only the second Jewish carpenter I’ve ever heard of…to come out from a closet at any moment.  I’d make a crack about Bob Vila, but that would REALLY date me.

Did I mention that it is raining outside?  It’s probably a typical New England rain, the kind that helps the forest in its battle with civilization.  It also makes for good sleeping weather.

More to come… 

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