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Monday, January 24, 2011

Venturing Out

It is a balmy minus 3 degrees outside this morning in my part of Scranton-land.  Inside it was a little more tolerable 59 degrees, although that necessitated turning on the space heater for a a bit.  The heating situation where I currently reside is "complex"; suffice to say I dress warm.

Soon though it's time to venture out and start the day.

I was thinking about this notion of "venturing out" to go start my car a few minutes ago (yes, I did just go out and start it) and it occurred to me that this sort of thing...a cold morning and having to go out...can also be something of a metaphor for changes in life (something I know something about).

Yes, sometimes no matter how cold it is outside you have to venture out to get your day going.  Simply huddling inside under a blanket may sound appealing, but in the grand scheme of things even the most timid eventually come to the conclusion that it is all just a waste.  You may be warm, but it's a coma-esque kind of warmth.

When you fail to venture out you certainly could be wasting your time.  Things will not be done.  New things will not begin, old things may not be concluded and the vast majority of our life's work that resides in the middle of things will remain stagnant.  All for some sense of temporary comfort?

Yes, it's pretty cold outside now, at least physically, but when I think about venturing out I am reminded of, how over the past five months, I've done a lot of venturing out. Sometimes it was painfully cold (metaphor inserted), but somehow I managed to not turn back and hide under the covers.  Cold yes, but no regrets.

Here's to venturing it on cold days or in cold lives.

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