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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Road Apples, #89

Weekend...This as been a "work on stuff I have been putting off" weekend, and my TV/computer/office room has the assorted files and papers laying around to prove it.  How bad is it?  Well I had to break out a portable table just to handle some of the stuff.  The good news is that I'm more than half way done with the big project I have been working on; the bad news?  I really put this one off for far too long.  Sometimes I think that I put myself through far too much stress via procrastination.

Reading...I recently finished reading the autobiography of Babba Booey, which frees my time up for some other books.   "Other books" means three that I'm now working on...

The Shaker Adventure (Margaret Fellows Melcher; via of Ms Rivers)
Life (Keith Richards; via brother Chris)
Create a Guilt-Free Life (Karen Bouris; via

This is in addition to my normal load of Bloomberg BusinessWeek, The Scranton Times, Mental Floss, PC World and Fast Company.  And I wonder why I've never gotten around to learning how to play guitar.

By the way, I highly recommend the Babba Booey book to anyone who is even a passing fan of Howard Stern.  The book is a very easy read and is remarkably funny at times.

Sirius...Speaking of Howard Stern, I've cancelled my Sirius subscription.  Call it a victim of economizing.  Well you can also call it a victim of practicality as well, since most of my longer distance driving is done via rental car and most rental cars these days have satellite radio.  That, coupled with my five minute daily commute means that it just wasn't worth paying $14/month to listen to just Howard Stern.  Oh well, it was fun while it lasted and Babba Booey to ya'll.

Blogger Geek...I had the distinct privilege of having a bite to eat yesterday with NEPA's most popular local logger, NEPArtisan.  It's a damn shame Tom & I aren't in charge of the world (or at least just Scranton), because we certainly think we have all the answers.  Well I suppose that goes with the whole blogging thing.  Anyway it's always a pleasure to talk to this young man...he is going places, literally and figuratively.

Fingers Crossed Department...I'm keeping my fingers crossed for oldest daughter Katrina, as she is working on some post-graduation employment plans.  I am so proud of my girls!

Scranton Times...I mentioned the other day that I have no problem with the local newspaper charging for web content access.  That's still true mind you, even though it took me a just a week to use up my monthly quota of 10 "free" article views.  I do wonder though if the Scranton Times will continue to be able to charge what they do for website advertising, given the fact that their site hits will no doubt be decreasing by a fairly sizable clip.  I for one will not be linking to any more Times articles, which in and of itself should decrease Times website hits by at least one or two.

In the "I Don't Care" Department...Some random things I really don't care about...

...professional football in general & the Pittsburgh Steelers in particular
...idiots that manage to walk into shopping mall fountains & then cry lawsuit
...just about anything that psychotic representative Michele Bachmann does*
...local high school sports shows
...drunken school board directors who issue dramatic resignation statements**

(*) Although I will note that the best way to ensure a full 8 years of Barack Obama would be for the GOP to nominate Ms Bachmann for President.  A KKK Grand Dragon would stand a better chance of beating Obama than Bachmann does.

(**) How about just saying "I am a drunk, therefore I should not be on the school board" instead? For the record there is a reason why I personally don't drink.

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