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Monday, January 31, 2011

I Despise NEPA Winters

I love the change of the seasons.  Just when you have had it with hot summer days we start to get cool Fall days.  All good.  Spring is wonderful with warmer temperatures, flowers blooming, rainstorms, and just this feeling of renewal.  Summers are wonderful, giving you opportunities to do just about anything outdoors.

Then you have Winter.

I am slowly but surely growing to despise Winter.  Of course falling yesterday evening on some ice put a kind of exclamation point to that thought.  Note though that it was an exclamation point, with the whole rest of the sentence in tact. That sentence basically says "Warmer Climate!".

Now I don't mind a little bit of Winter.  I just get to the point in, say, January/February when I've just had enough.  It seems as if the month will never end.  It's so cold and stark outside.  So very sterile.

As I write this it is the end of January and I'm nursing some injured ribs, courtesy of falling on some ice.  A combination of time, a heating pad and the judicious use of Vicodin will no doubt get me though this little set-back.  That noted, I'm looking forward to the day, perhaps some time into the future, when I'm living in a climate where a "cold Winter day" is about 40 degrees.  Now that would be nice.  Very nice.

Time for more heating pad.

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