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Saturday, January 29, 2011

If the U.S. has been so concerned about reforms in Egypt...

...why is it that we are only now hearing the President talk about the subject?  Oh, riots and such.  Egyptian society has been operating under more or less martial law for something like 30 years now and all of a sudden we're now talking about human rights?

Now I can't just blame President Obama, as we have had Presidents Reagan, Bush, Clinton and Bush (mark II) who are just as guilty of supporting the dictatorship of Mubarak.

One last comment on this subject:  the Christian Science Monitor reports that Vice President Biden has described Mubarak as not being a dictator.  Story link HERE.  Now I like Joe Biden, I really do.  Heck Joe Biden is from Scranton so he is practically my "homeboy", but he his dead wrong on this subject.

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