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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Road Apples #82

Gym Rat....For the record, while I like to exercise, I'm by far and away not a gym rat.  In point of fact my "core" stinks and I have terrible form when it comes to things like weights.  I am the example you should not follow.  But on the plus side, I've found that I can think more clearly when I'm spending time on the elliptical machine.  I also get this feeling of satisfaction for having actually accomplished something when I finish a routine.  There is something inherently positive in something that is good for you mentally and physically.

Spider-man, The Musical...What's next, "Trash Collection:  The Musical"?  Seriously, have the people on Broadway actually run out of ideas for shows?  I do like to see a good show, but come on this getting ridiculous.  

Orange Pants...Yes, I am wearing orange pants today.  Well I prefer to think of them as being an aggressive shade of sand.  Actually I have two days worth of staff meetings and I'm thinking that my peers may be doing the whole jeans thing.  I don't like wearing jeans.  I never have.  Most of what I own in the jeans department is too big now, so I end up looking like a 17 year old Bronx resident.  However the orange pants do fit well.

Best Thing About Living Alone...You can sing the Prince tune Let's Go Crazy really, really loud in the shower.  "Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to get through this thing called life...".

Worst Thing About Living Alone...You end up talking to your cat far too much.

Speaking of Cats...Mine has discovered that when I type, things move on the computer screen.  Any idea how enthralling that is to a 12 week old cat?  I also have to take some better pictures of Jean Luc.  Actually I need to really start to dust off the cameras.  I miss the whole photography thing.  I took no photos this past Fall, and I do love the Fall.

Type A (but just at Work)...I'm trying to figure our why I am this sometimes charging Type A personality at work, but that seems to shut down in my personal life.  I suspect that it has something to do with the fact that, despite the stresses that come with a job and/or career, the office is this kind of predictable, impersonal environment that I am surprisingly comfortable existing within.  After all these years I would hope that this would be the case.  By way of definition, one's "personal" life is seldom im"personal".  The truly amazing part?  I'm  years old and still trying to figure this stuff out.  I thought that once you reach something like age 30 all of this stuff was supposed to be relatively clear.

Wiki-Leaks...My only comment on this:  I agree that there needs to be far, far more transparency in government.  The default should always be an assumption of disclosure.  However, I am very wary of leaking gobs of confidential information that might end up causing harm to, say, a government agent or soldier serving his/her country.  A private in Afghanistan isn't involved in the geo-politics of the State Department, so he/she should never end up being up being put in harms way because someone with a web-site wants to make a political statement (example:  a government official in Afghanistan is upset over some Wiki-Leaks comment and as a result passes information to Taliban operatives).  As is the case in most things in life, this is not a black and white issue.   


J Curtis said...

I lift weights quite a bit every week. I broke alot of bones in my life and if I lift weights I have alot less problems physically.

Best Thing About Living Alone...You can sing the Prince tune Let's Go Crazy really, really loud in the shower. "Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to get through this thing called life...".

Perhaps youre a bit more brave than I am, but were I to do something like this, I doubt that I would mention this in a public forum.

Stephen Albert said...

My cat doesn't seem to mind my lack of singing skills.

As for lifting weights, I'm actually going to get some over the weekend so that I can do a bit at home. It's like dietary fiber...only good for you.