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Friday, December 24, 2010

Note to a Friend Getting Married

I have a good friend who is getting married today (yes, on Christmas Eve), so I just want to send out some positive karma her way.  Now for the record I've known this person (name withheld to protect the innocent) for something like 10+ years.  I could tell some stories over the years about her...all very good...but I'll just mention one anecdote that speaks to her character.

It was back in October and I was feeling horribly sorry for myself over all these changes in my life that didn't seem to be working out all that well.  The exact details are unimportant, but I just loved one of her reactions.  It was, and I quote, "Steve, stop being such a chicken $hit!".  You simply can't make that kind of stuff up.  

On a more serious note, I truly treasure the people in my life who care enough to deliver the tough message when it is needed.  She is that kind of person.  As she starts a new chapter in her life later today, I want to wish her all the love and happiness that she truly deserves.

As Casey Kasem would say, "'s your long distance dedication..."

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