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Friday, December 31, 2010

2011 Resolutions (well at least some of them)

I actually like the whole New Year's Resolutions thing.  It fits neatly into this view of the universe that I have, one where you constantly learn, constantly strive, constantly try.  That noted, I usually set these things and then never actually achieve most of them. Maybe that should be one of my resolutions:  achieve more of my resolutions.

Anyway, I'm thinking that there are a few basic things I'd like to accomplish (or at least strive to accomplish) in 2011.

Being a Better Dad
I resolve to be a better father by listening & being more open with my own feelings.  My children are fast becoming (and have become) adults, so I have a responsibility to exemplify the best of adult behavior.  That doesn't mean saying "yes" all the time; it means saying "yes" and sometimes "no" at the right times.  It's not about being what my children want at any given's about being what they need most of the time.

Virtual vs. Actual World
I resolve to spend LESS time in the virtual world.  This means less time on Facebook, less of just leaving the Internet on as some kind of bizarre form of visual muzak.  Conversely, I resolve to spend more time in the real world.  It's time to come out of the shell a bit more.

Working on Me
I resolve to continue the process of taking an honest look at myself and striving to grow in those areas where I can genuinely be a better person.  This includes:
  • Being less self-critical.  I need to stop being my own worst critic. I've learned the hard way this year that sometimes that kind of behavior opens the door to some pretty bad situations.  When you don't perceive yourself as having value, is it all that shocking that other may treat you like you don't have much value?  
  • Being more assertive in my personal life.  For years I have this asinine behavior whereby I would get angry but then feel guilty for getting angry. That's over.  If I feel manipulated or mistreated I'll say that right up front.  As my Therapist says, "Time to put on the big-boy pants".
  • Finding happiness in what I do.  In the last 20-some years of my life, I never really spent all that much time trying to be happy.  Adults deserve to have some fun too.  I should be doing more things that I enjoy.
  • Being more social.  I will never be an extrovert, but that doesn't mean that I can't try to make more friends and at least try to enjoy social activities and situations.  I don't have to love this sort of thing, but to be a more complete person I have to try harder at it.
  • Engage in healthy relationships.  It's time to engage in relationships that are mentally and emotionally healthy for me.  This means stability, caring and most important of all, honesty.     

I resolve to learn about those things that I am interested in where I know the least.  I want to listen to more classical music.  Maybe finally learn how to play the guitar.  Finally read Moby Dick cover to cover.

I resolve to take better physical care of myself.  This includes:

  • Blood Pressure...I am going to, once and for all, make some decisions about how to handle my border-line high blood pressure.  That decision starts being made on January 4th.
  • Weight...I am going to keep my weight at a reasonable level.
  • Exercise...I am going to exercise more frequently and more consistently.

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